Presidential Address: JCSU Cafeteria Incident

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November 6, 2014


RE: Allegation of Foreign Object Found in Food In Cafeteria


Dear JCSU Community,


The purpose of this correspondence is to address allegations lodged this date by a student who claims to have found a foreign object in food served in the cafeteria. Immediately upon receiving notice of the allegation, our Food Service Director contacted the Mecklenburg County Department of Health to investigate this allegation. After approximately 2 hours of inspections, the investigator found that the allegation could not be substantiated. It is our understanding that it appeared that the foreign object was placed in the food after it was prepared.


Although we do not believe that the foreign object was in the food at the time it was served, we sincerely apologize that this matter has been raised to disparage the brand of Perkins Management Services Company. The manner in which this matter has been addressed by the students publishing derogatory and defamatory statements reflects poorly on the JCSU community as well as our company. We understand that the sentiments of the JCSU community may not be represented by this small group. Nonetheless, we continue to realize that is our privilege to serve you and we will continue to provide the quality service that this community deserves. We trust that these false allegations will not tarnish our working relationship.


We will be more than happy to make ourselves available to address any concerns that you may have regarding this matter. This type of false and baseless accusation tends to cause unnecessary strife and controversy. The behavior of the students expressing these sentiments will not diminish the care and attention that our firm provides to this community. We look forward to putting this matter behind us and to continuing to serve you.




Nicholas M. Perkins

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